38 Special Match Ammo

We manufacturer 38 Special Match ammunition that matches Slick McClade's ammunition.
He has let us put his name on the box.  Our (his) ammunition has won EOT Overall and shoot offs as well as Wild Bunch Shoot offs.

But we find it does not cycle in everyone's rifle.  The current LOA is 1.400".
We are working on a longer standard length in both the 100g and 158g loading.

We manufacturer this ammunition to showcase our bullets.  And we believe it's the best cowboy ammo on the market as
Witnessed buy our shooters and their achievements.

I don't know exactly how we will designate this longer 38 Special ammo. 

No do I know exactly the new length.  We are seeing requests in the range of 1.475" to 1.525".

Keep an eye out and chime in if you have a preference.