Colored Bullet Coatings

We are adding different coating colors to our product lines.

We are also trying to add this as a service, not as a product we cart in inventory.

Our plan is to:

  • Receive your request for the custom color,
  • Take raw bullets from inventory or cast them
  • Coat these bullets with your requested color
  • Package and ship them to you.

As you see, we will not inventory the custom colors and the coloring process will take the better part of a week if we have the raw bullets.  Longer if we need to incorporate them into our production schedule.

This custom coloring is the same price as any other coloring, just not inventoried.

On this page, you can select the custom colors.  These colors and pricing is based on a box of 500 bullets.  If you order 500 bullets, then you want to color one (1) box of bullets.  If you order 1000 bullets, then you want to color two (2) boxes of bullets.  And if you order a bulk quantity of bullets, you need to color four (4) boxes of bullets.