Match Ammunition


We have Match Ammunition.
We manufacturer Ammunition to showcase our bullets.

We are selling it at major matches to registered competitors.
Bordertown is our next Match.

We will give registered shooter's priority.
Selling enough for the match at the beginning of the match.
Then we will sell what ever we have left over at the end of the match.
We will sell Ammunition to active members of shooting organizations.

All Ammunition must be shipped using UPS service or pickup at match. 


If you have fired cases,
we will purchase them from you and pay you
or give you a credit at our store.
If you have primers and/or cases and
would like us to load using your primers and/or cases,
contact us to make that arrangement.



We are making every effort to keep Federal Primers in all
Revolver Match ammunition. 
You have tuned your guns to work with Federal
and no need to buy our match ammo if it's not match ammo.

Striker Fired ammo, such as 9MM, we will substitute CCI OEM primers.
These are performing similar to Winchester Primers.

Bordertown Round Count
120 Pistol
120 Rifle
44+ Shotgun

Plus Practice and Side Matches

Wild Bunch