Match Ammunition


We have Match Ammunition.
We are selling it at matches to registered competitors.
Bordertown is our next Match.
We will sell enough for the match at the beginning of the match.
Then we will sell what ever we have left over at the end of the match.
We will sell Ammunition to active members of shooting organizations.


If you have primers and/or cases and
would like us to load using your primers and/or cases,
contact us to make that arrangement.


--- AMMO ---

32 H&R Magnum 78g RN and 100g TCFP $50 / Box.

38 Special 100g RNFP and 158g RN  $35 / Box.

45 Colt 200g RNFP $55 / Box.

45 ACP 230g RN $35 / Box

Contact us for more information.


All Ammunition must be shipped using UPS service or pickup at match.

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