Tower Loading Stand



Bang and Clang is pleased to introduce a loading stand for cap and ball revolver cylinders.

Incorporating the patented technology from Revolver Supply Company used to load moon clips, we have created
a modern, rugged, practical stand to load your cap and ball revolvers.

This tool has replaceable rods for different calibers and different cylinder holders for different pattern revolvers.
The rod doing the loading is also adjustable for length.

This was introduced at the New Mexico SASS state Championships Geronimo Trails in September 2021.

You are now able to order complete tools for a particular revolver, as well as extra rods and cylinder holders for different caliber revolvers.


Check out the Application Notes in the Blog Area.


This Tower Loading Stand fits and ships in a Medium Flat Rate Box.  The base measures 3.5 x 8.0 x 0.5 inches and has mounting holes in all for corners  Overall, the stand is 7.0 inches tall.


We will ship Tower Loading Stands worldwide via USPS. For international shipments, see the International TLS page

We CANNOT ship bullets out of the US.
If you attempt to ship bullets out of the US, we will cancel your order, deduct 20% from your order and refund the balance.