New Molds

This page is where we introduce our new molds.
Either customers have suggested a shape or we saw a hole to fill.
These molds are moving from testing into full production.

180g RNFP 45ACP sized 0.452   Coated   Lubed

We had many customers asking for this shape and it's now in full production.


Next in our development is a 100g RNFP-NLG  (Round Nose Flat Point-No Lube Groove).
Shooters had out 100f RNFP and out 115g RN-NLG.
We saw a missing bullet that combines the best features of both those bullets.

100g RNFP-NLG 38/357/9MM    Coated   

 This is a shape is in full production.  We thought it would fill a void in the marketplace.


With the success of the 180g 45ACP, we were asked for a 160g 45ACP.
So in the middle of all the bullet shortage we introduced the 165g 45ACP

165gRNFP-NLG 45ACP    Coated 

This round is No Lube Groove, so it's only available in a coated form.
We have these in full production. They are very new and not very popular yet.


This just in !!!!  We have received a set of molds for the 147g TCFP-NLG.
This bullet will work great in a 9MM round.
Its shape has less volume above the 9MM case mouth, solving one of the bigger for 9MM reloading with heavier bullets.


We do not have product pages available yet.
Just call or email and ask the status of this bullet.